Wall features for awnings and related products in Perth and Mandurah 

At Wilfords, our products all come with a great variety of quality wall features, with everything from landscape windows, to flyscreen doors and anti-flap bars. Supplying customers across Perth and Mandurah, our range of wall features are of the very highest quality and complement each product’s design to ensure top functionality and practicality. Easy to use and all designed with customer convenience in mind, our wall features ultimately add value to every product that we sell.
2 zip door awning wall
Standard 2 zip door
Flyscreen awning wall door
Flyscreen door
Flystrip on annex doorway
Flystrips for annexe walls and caravan doors
Draft Skirt
Draught skirt attached to wall by Velcro
Lanscape window on Annex
Landscape windows - 1800mm wide
Internal window on an annex
Small internal zip window - 850mm x 900mm
Anti flap bar on Annex
Anti flap bars
Buckle system on an annex
Wilford's Buckle System - awning secured to walls by buckles

Our wall features include:

  • A standard two-zip door
  • Fly strips for annexe walls and caravan doors 
  • Landscape windows (1800mm wide)
  • Flyscreen door
  • Draught skirt attached to wall by velcro
  • Small internal zip window (850mm x 900mm)
  • Wilford's buckle system awning secured to walls by buckles
  • Anti-flap bars

Call us today on 08 9459 5155 for more information about wall features in Perth and Mandurah, or to request a free quote.

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